Busy times1 Thats the only excuse I have for not posting on here since New Year - apologises - as always we have has loads going on, seems to come in waves! But I wanted to check a few dates and the record here of the progress of my hobby to my business was the only way to check dates - looking back at old photos and styles of pottery really does clarify for me the journey we've been on.

So now - whats going on - Jon is building a shed in the garden and balancing the paper work trial/office side of the business along with making his products - above are some of his cheese and butter knives. When we had free time one of the projects Jon worked on was repairing a series 2 1959 landrover from a broken down wreck to a useable vehicle, this involved replacing the leaf springs and we ended up with a lot of scrap metal, add that to researching cheese knives to add to our range and an idea was born. 

It's taken a lot of practise by Jon, advice from some excellent knife makers and now we have the finished products. 

Jon has four different blade shapes he likes to make and handles can be finished in three different woods - oak, walnut or plane tree and therefore can be ordered bespoke. We will take a selection to the shows we have left this year - the next one being ludlow Food Festival, closely followed by Abergavenny which we were invited to show at. Exciting times! As for me? Still throwing some orders but holding off on others as I get stock ready for the shows, I'm also trying to get a better work/life balance by having the weekends off - that is the plan anyway, we will see how it goes.