Betty looking longingly for a walk but there's always things to do!

Here's a few shots of a finished wreath. 
Got a kiln load full of these of various sizes and shapes.

A few close up details.

And today we made our first food board, tried out a few examples and we are 
really pleased with the results. Here is a small one made from oak and the longer
board is made from Apple wood. 

All boards are finished with a few coats of danish 
oil. The best way to clean wood boards is to rub them over with salt and half a lemon.

The ceramic bowls rest in the holes, they could be for individuals to
 use or as centre sharing platters. We aim to make them in various sizes and with one, two or three bowls.

Finished loading a kiln today, well nearly, heating up the pottery for a 
final layer of bowls to dry out.

And also been playing with lace layered hearts.

So with my main kiln fixed expect to get a lot of work finished in the next week, get photos taken and start uploading to an Etsy shop.  I've also been using Pinterest to collect ideas together and add up my photos. 

I'm currently thee bags away from being out of clay. When that happens I'll be having a big glaze test day followed by a big dust and wipe down session. Then I can evaluate stock and start planning for first big show in chester in April, that's actually only twelve weeks away!

 This is the design we are having made as a branding iron for the wooden woods we are going to make, they will have holes cut out to sit small bowls in. Perfect for food sharing platters, tapia and dips.  Jon is collecting the wood this week and hope to have some samples ready soon. 

Closer detail, these are really fiddly to make, any catching of the petals before they get fired and they break off! I've lost loads to silly mistakes, it's making me take a little more care.
I've put one up by my wood burner. 

Here are some examples of the finished surface qualities, I'm really pleased with these and I'm busy sourcing boxes to present them in. They are of various sizes and various levels of detail.

And after sorting out that lot it was time for a walk in the blazing sunshine.