it's hard too see but these lanterns are made from chocolate brown clay, with a dark oxide stain, I'll fire them tomorrow but they should end up really dark with little areas of shiny darkness, fingers crossed! 

Been playing a little today, made a star garland and some stars to string up.  Used up some recycled clay to do this, have been recycling in this small space but have a plan to make it easier in the future. 

 And the bowls are building up again but still testing glazes before I finish these off. 

Got flyers to give out aswell. These are for the Concord College fair. Sorting out final display details as well, gonna have a few stands made so get a range of heights and more space for pots. I am getting excited now its getting closer.
Glaze firing finishes today, then got a dry dolomite glaze to test out aswell. Fingers crossed as last two glaze firings were rubbish!

 Making more lanterns, got two different sizes going on, in front is a lantern with two levels and behind are unfired lanterns which have three different levels.

Running out of space today as I spent the day rolling out for lanterns and throwing big bowls.  On count down to the first sale, five weeks to go!

Lacking space means resorting to using banana boxes for storage, soon enough will have to store goods in the other sheds I think!  I  wish I knew how many pots were enough for three fairs but will keep making whilst I can. 

 Had one of those bad firings that happen every now and then, lost several pieces due to glaze fusing pots to the shelves, it's a fine line between glaze too thick or too thin, oh well, back to the wheel.

  I did however get out my first mugs, wanted to check shapes and handles before I make any more, pleased with the results overall, just got to go bigger!  They we're all small enough to be expression cups.

 And here's more lanterns, three teired ones and one made from chocolate clay.   I 've had my first order in for one of these so very pleased.

Whenever I fire a kiln I have to leave the door and windows open so it doesn't get too hot, nice and toasty in there as the kiln cools down.

The firing will dry out these lanterns. They are made with shelves inside so the light shines through all the cut out stars. 

Here's a glazed one, next time I light it I'll take a picture.

I like making bowls, always have done, since sixth form and throughout my B.A and M.A in ceramics. They are pratical, useful and a great object to throw. I like turning bowls too. I have loads in my kitchen, some date back over twenty years.

I've decided to share my bowls with the public and this year I'm undertaking my first craft fairs.

So far I'll be selling at:

Concord College Christmas Fair, Acton Burnell - Sunday 24th of November 1pm till 5pm

The Frost Fair, Attingham Park, Shropshire - Friday 30th of Nov till Sunday 1st of December 10am till 4.30 pm

and finally Wistantstow Village Hall Christmas Craft Fair, near Craven Arms - Saturday 6th of December 4pm till 8pm.

My bowls are all high fired stoneware suitable to use for food, dishwasher and microwave safe.

I'll let you know how I do!

The inside of my beautiful pottery, boxes of pots building up ready for a flurry of pot sales near Christmas.  The wheels having a break today as no time to do any turning tomorrow.


 The kiln however is ready for firing after a recent refit, lots of cups to try out. 

  And here's a few images of my potters mark and glazes I  currently using.

I'm gonna try and keep you updated with developments as the work progresses.