We've been busy with lots of stuff recently, including bringing this one into good health. He arrived in our Betty's mouth, eyes not yet open and tiny. He's doing well now though after feeding him initially through a pipettes, now he can feed himself. No surprise with Jon's wood work skills he also has an amazing owl house to live in. When we're happy he can fly we'll move him into one of the trees in the garden, fingers crossed he might choose to stick around.

I've been playing around with ideas for the bird boxes, finding time to make them however is another thing! I'm really chuffed however that this is one of the products the National Trust is looking at, this one is in my garden.

Click on the image to see our next outing, this coming weekend. Shrewsbury's second Food and Drink Festival, Saturday 10 - 6 and Sunday 10 - 5.

 This is local to us so looking forward to seeing lots of people we know as well as meeting new customers.

Praying that the weather will be good, it's forcast rain on Friday when we set up, not sure after that. I wanted to show here after attending as a visitor last year. They have open marquees, roofs, and backs, open sides and fronts so great if it's sunny and protection if it's raining. i dont know where we are going to be pitched, I know we are stand G23.

Hoping to see people we haven't seen for a while whilst we have been busy developing this whole business.

Shrewsbury Food Festival

And the good news keeps rolling in!

 A new shop is open in Shrewsbury with the aim of show casing all food and drink products produced in Shropshire, and we will be selling with them, they particularly liked the little condiment sets so I  threw a load more this afternoon. Six shops and counting! I'll add their website when it's ready, the shop is called Deliciate and it's on the high street.

After this weeks good news I worked on the garden for a few hours in the sunshine. Nice to be able to take the time and evaluate what I need to make next!

Expecting a bumper crop of fruit this year.

Happy Days! The National trust are going to stock my range of products, from Food Boards and Bowls, to heart wreaths, bud vases and my bird boxes, as you can imagine I am over the moon!

All the products have to be registered which is basically where they get their bar code sorted, all my details have to be logged and when everything is offically registered then they will be placing an order, intially for 3 shops.

 I think it's going to be a busy time coming up as this will not happen over nite but take at least 6 weeks, in which time space we have the Shrewsbury Food and Drink show, the show at 'The Little Gallery" and Carfest to prepare for.
National Trust logo
I have got a lot of some stock and very little of others so need to make with this in mind but really pleased to get in with such a massive organisation and the feedback was great!

An example of a condiments set, there are little clay spoons firing now to go in the bowls. The wooden board is elm and the pots are sitting on top, its's like a little sculpture waiting to be used. The glaze is really shiny with gold speckles in the bottom, unglazed on the outside making a really nice contrast.

 Also shown is a mini apple board, proper small, great idea for a starter for one or a dipping board and bowl. Jon is finishing off more right now and I'm waiting to open a glaze kiln with new glaze tests inside, all go!

First bud vase, planning to make more and really sweet.

Another lovely shop is going to stock my bowls so I've had a lovely afternoon throwing and turning.
Opposite my wheel is the painting below, it's huge and I haven't taken the best photo of it. Jon painted it for me years ago as a birthday present and it's a real favourite of mine, he'll be having a show in this new shop/gallery in July, details to follow.

Given the time of year I spend a lot of it in the garden, I love seeing plants grow and thrive at this time, the chickens follow me round looking for worms and bugs.

And I recently made a load of these as wedding favours, 6cms in length, each one different.

 Lots of opportunities coming along at the moment, all busy and all good!