After months of playing myself with photography we finally got the professionals on board. These are some of the first images by Sandrine, look at her work at and also her blog

She's going to build up a portfolio of images we can use on our shop site to show the products off better. She's also going to visit and do a series of shoots at Sytch Farm. I'm really pleased about this, it's like the missing link really.

On the shop site we are limiting the amount of products that can be brought purely because of space, and time. If anyone wants to order specific pieces, plates, large bowls, cups etc then they'll go in the order book.

Jon's had an operation on his wrist but all's well. He'll be working hard once it's better to get his pizza oven finished ready for Sandrine's arrival.

We're still a little shocked at the response from the BBC Good Food Show and orders continue to arrive. This weekend is The Shrewsbury Food Festival and again we are showing there. It's been a fast year since we showed there for the first time last year.

And I'm completing my last days of teaching, after a few hours today I only have a day and a half left, then I'll be a full time potter. I'm really pleased and excited, it's been hard work and a massive learning curve. If you've never been back to the start of this blog before do so and you'll see I started it right as I was building up an idea of running a pottery business. Never imagined it would end up like this though!

We're back from the BBC Good Food Show and we had a fab time.

The response to our products was tremendous and it felt like all the hard work was worth it.

The comments we received from the organisers, the chefs  and the customers was brilliant, it really helped keep us going on days that were far too long.

I have a waiting list of orders and people wanting products and couldn't be more chuffed!

Right now though I'm shattered, think I'm losing my voice but happy, definitely happy.

To think this was my hobby, it's all down to the encouragement of lovely friends and family, especially Mel Price inviting my show for the first time two and a half years ago in her lovely Christmas Fayre and my brilliant, supportive Jon.