If you've been following me recently either on here on on Facebook you'll know that we have been caring for a Little Owl that our dog Betty picked up as a chick in the fields. 'Bill' could only have been hours old, unable to stand and with his eyes closed. 

We got advice on what the best thing to do with him and hand feed him till he was able to do it for himself. Jon built him an owl house and he's been in that in an avery in the garden for the last two weeks until in was strong enough to fly. We set him free last week, moved the owl house up the tree and waited and hoped he might find his way home! And he has!

And here's a photo of him with his eyes closed, who knew owls had fluffy eyelids?!

So first order is in from The National Trust! 

In the last seven months I think we have achieved quite a lot, I remember standing in my pottery in the cold evening air of December and wondering if I could make a little business with my work, hadn't thought would achieve this level so quickly! 

A full set of bowls in my new glaze style, going to call this range my'cornish ware' as it reminds me of my home town Perranporth.

Here from large to small are fruit bowl, salad bowl, veg serving bowl, breakfast bowl and lastly tapas bowl. That's the names I give the different sizes but obviously they can be used as you wish! Planning to make a few sets to take to galleries in Cornwall when we pop down. 

On this beautifully hot day I have been finishing off my designs for Christmas wreaths!

So far a large and a mini done, happy with these but still playing with the idea of  snowflake wreaths. 

A few new products are developing here in the sunshine. first pieces of jewellery, chokers and brooches, I had planned to use slip notes on leather with the chokers but after trying I've ordered some silver plated jewellery fittings which should look great. I like the brooches, going to play with design ideas today in the sunshine, the kiln is cooling down but the pottery remains hot!

I've got more chockers in the kiln now using the ammonite pressed into circles and hearts.

I've also been playing with different sizes on the hearts and looking at a range for Christmas which I really like, have to see what people like before I produce lots! And every now and then a little pruning and playing with the plants, the dogs are hiding in the shade.

I've had a good tidy and clean of the pottery today whilst Jon's been busy finishing his garden house. I've finished getting ready a new little gift line, two mini hearts in a pillow box and once we are all done it's time to test the fire out! All of this carefully watched by Bill.

This is the cleanest it's been for months and months, chance to clear out loads of stuff and make better use of the space. Then I made eight owls ready for biscuit firing.

 These little hearts come wrapped in tissue in a pillow box, great wedding gifts, favours or love tokens. Planning to do little Christmas stars in this way too.

Jon has been finishing this garden house/folly with a window that looks a little rustic to say the least, the floor needs finishing properly now the building really is done. The fireplace kicks out loads of heat, brilliant today on this breezy weather. 

And Bill is getting strong, flying well building up his skills, his choice to stay or go is nearly with us but it's been amazing to help him grow up.

We've been getting everything ready for delivery to The Little Galllery in Montgomery for Jon's painting show opening next Saturday. I've packed up two boxes worth of bowls.

Having emptied the shelves stocking Entertaining Elephants aswell this weekend I've been throwing today and also, inspired by Bill I 've made a few owls.  Bill is learning to fly, he's great at take off's  but needs more practise with landings.

 He is in his owl house in the garden most of the day, good job they are solitary birds! And comes in for flying practise. As soon as he gets his flying sorted his box will be moved higher up the tree and it's up to him if he stays around.

I never imagined when I made my first owl I would get to study one so close.