Carfest South done! 

What a fab show, we had a fantastic time and got some orders from this couple too, recognise him? 

Tom Kerridge and his wife Beth are absolutely lovely people and have orders in for their new restaurant opening in Marlowe in October. We're getting a tour of The Hand of Flowers when we visit in a month or so, it's his pub which holds Two Michelin stars!

Here are some photos from the shoots I have been doing. It's not easy trying to second guess how to show them off and learning to use the camera I borrowed and the light tent but I like the results.

Large walnut and mini butter board on slate, like the contrast of the woods and texture of the slate.

 A pair of oak boards set up for different courses, like the fruit, might try this again.

 And love this one below, Jon said he would have used redder cherries, might try that in the future too.

Clay, the basic material for all of my hand made products, but most people don't really understand what it is. I collected some clay from this clay pit, it's one I've been using for years and known about all my life. 

Clay is most simply explained as decomposed rock, a process that takes years and of course is always on going. Here at St Agnes clay pit, Dobles Clay, they drain the pit every now and then, and then process the clay.

This is inside the shed where all the magic happens and it looks like something going back in time but it's right on the cliff edge and exposed to all the best the British weather has to offer.

These days people are much keener to check where products come from, where the materials come from and how they are made, so, my clay comes from St Agnes clay pit, Cornwall. It was at St Agnes Primary School I made my first clay pots. A village I lived in and next to for my childhood and teenage years.

I was brought up in Cornwall as my Dad was a lighthouse keeper. The ammonite as my clay stamp works for me on lots of levels, my Cornish up-bringing and my relationship to Shrewsbury and it's link to Darwin and it's been a stamp I've used for years.

I didn't plan all of this when I decided to set up my business, it's just how it is!

Anybody visiting Cornwall wanting to see a proper clay pit, not on an industrial level, get to St Agnes, head through the village and turn left past the St Agnes Hotel up to the Beacon, turn right down a dirt track clearly heading to a view point and on your right there's a gate for Doble Clay Pit, if he's in, go see an ancient clay pit and buy a bag. It's good stuff.

Thanks to a good friend we had our first attempt at a photo shoot yesterday and here are some of the results. We need these photos for advertising, the web, and for some PR work. It's. Not the easiest thing to do but I like some of the outcomes. 

The pewter cheese knife and spoon with the ammonite symbol are there as the idea of a gift set, these are just some examples.

This image was taken on top of an old trunk we've had kicking around for years but I love the contrast of materials.

A great camera really makes the most of the details in our work, love this imagine below.

And here are examples of my Christmas heart decorations too, these are ready for ordering.

Carfest North done!

Shattered but happy, had every form of weather you could think of but such a great crowd and wow to the music and organisation. We had a great bunch of stall holders around us and meet loads of lovely people. 

Setting up went well and we were pleased with the overall look of the space and had great sales and lovely comments. 

 And we even got to say hi to the main man! Chuffed right now.