Here we go! Final glaze kiln is going up right now for Taste of London - these pieces came out today along with a few presents, I am always going to wish there was more finished but I hoping my stand will look good with new glazes for people to see along with old favourites!

So the hard throw down is done, turning tomorrow, then all I can do for Taste and BBC Good Food Show is glaze, which is a bit of a relief as my hands could really do with a rest! No more throwing now for a week, doesn't sound long but after throwing every day for over a month it really is!

And a new glaze, well, an old glaze that fires totally differently in my new kiln, quite complex, warming surface with lots of detail, more experiments needed but certainly different!

Fresh from todays kiln, lots of greens and browns which seems apt with the change in the weather. The pottery is warm and I am cramming the firings in as we get ready for the festive season.

If I haven't told you already, locally, I'm showing at Brompton Cookery School as part of the Brompton Christmas Market  - 3rd and 4th of December  - 12pm till 6pm.

There's no entry fee and no parking fee so it's the perfect spot to whizz in and grab a few bits or linger, get a bite to eat and drink off Marcus Bean and take your time looking around the stalls. This is going to be the best place to find me before Christmas, as after this show I'm hoping not to have a lot of stock left!

Book it in your diary!

This is an idea I've been playing with for a while, a plate that is more like a plinth, giving height to the presentation of the food. Could also but used as a cake stand, hence the mini one, for a little cup cake.

And Jon's knives, he's had the base blade made in Sheffield and is ready to start on the handles. He's hoping to have a few ready for Taste and getting the blades made elsewhere should hopefully make them more affordable. 

I'm in love with the green plates above, these two are for sale and I will glaze more, and I'm definitely making a few for myself. Whilst I have a cupboard full of ceramics, I don't have matching sets and have never really wanted matching, but there's something about this glaze on plates that I can't resist!