Our latest tree being planked up at Bedstone, South Shropshire. This is a walnut tree that was chopped down in our friends garden as it had started to drop branches, old age!

It was planked here, and now it's covered and stored back at the wood yard to season. Jon reckons this will take anywhere to between one and two years before it's ready to cut into boards. This is the one process that can't be rushed, all the trees need time.

More on the bird front - here are photo's of the bird box outside my pottery, I made a series of bird boxes a couple of years ago and fancy making some more. They are glazed, have drainage holes and a cut out back to unable them to be cleaned out, also a key hole to hang. I wouldn't sell them saying they are frost proof but this one and several others have now been through two winters.

The family of six baby blue tits however are not included, but does show they are fit for purpose, I've been watching mum and dad blue tit working hard to feed these babies for several days now!

I'm quickly finding out how technically IT rubbish I am! Trying to link different pages together and create links and build an Etsy page, I'll keep trying but it's so frustrating when I'd rather be doing, making or running.

Above is a page from one of my sketch books, different designs for owls, owe my mum a few of these as she has been making me some great aprons. I saw a style I liked, we printed off the pattern and so far I've got two beautiful aprons to wear. This may seem a funny thing to covert but I put on, tie up and take off aprons all day, before school I sort stuff in the pottery, at school I wear one most of the time and after school, again in the pottery or in the allotment. This design has no ties, it slips on and off easily and is super comfy and actually looks smart swell, bonus given I'm usually covered in clay, paint or various other materials. Loads of people have asked where I got them from gonna try and add the link here to the pattern.

I was asked to make a wreath for a wedding present and here it is ready to go. The date is on one side and the couples initials on the other.

 If I was making it again I'd use a bigger butterfly for the date but I quite how it makes it enhances the fact that it is handmade, not mass produced. On the back is the inscription "with love from your bridesmaid". A really nice pressie for a special occasion, I hope the bride and groom like it.

A few photos from around Sytch Farm on a really lovely day, followed by a few photos from a night away with friends, feeling optimistic.

A lovely morning throwing in the yard, closely watched by these two, making tiny little dipping bowls.

Later lunch by the folly, the building is finished but the floor needs to go down.

May is my favourite month, every thing coming to life, flowers blooming and colour everywhere.

I am really pleased to get my bowls selling from this great shop in Church Stretton - Entertaining Elephants. It's a health food - whole food store which also sells hand made products from local producers and further a field, a really lovely shop!

I asked the owner if she would consider selling my bowls and wreaths and turns out she tried to contact me after seeing my bowls at the Frost Fair last December! Funny how things turn out.

In stock at the moment she has a selection of sizes in the blue, white and oatmeal, and a couple of wreaths. Fingers crossed they go down well with customers.

Spent the afternoon throwing today and have thrown a dozen very small and low bowls, suitable for oil and balsamic dips, I'll show you once I've turned them tomorrow.

Getting ready now for our next fair at Chatsworth House, it's the three day horse trials show and we have a stand in the Rural Crafts Association marque. I love Chatsworth so am looking forward to doing this one although we will be getting home late on Sunday evening and I have my art moderator for school arriving on the Monday morning, a little bit of organisation needed!