Wrapped up and ready to go! Been putting pots in size orders and making garlands. The garlands idea came fom the cut out stars of the lanterns. I had been stringing them up to make decorations for the stall and realised I had other cutters I could use aswell.
It's been a bit of a learning curve but they do look good and I'm confident they'll sell.

 Three finished lanterns, three tiers so lights shine out of every star, love the glaze, really happy with these! Had a few orders in for these as people see them lite up. I've made them so they can be hung off a wall aswell, should have photgraphed the backs aswell.

For future reference I'm going to glaze them when I make up a big batch of glaze as pouring glaze over them builds up too many layers. I've lost a few as they have stuck to the kiln shelves.

The design for these developed as I was making lanterns for our outside eating area.

The fossil is picked out well by the oxides and glaze.

 Starting to pick out bowls ready for first show!