Above is a quick shot of my Instagram page, the arrival of Instagram and the 'friends' I have on there have helped me see what I'm doing, it's a great way to get feedback on daily decisions that I make. And it's great to share what going on around me. I'm sure a lot of people who have blogs work on their own, it's great to feel like I can connect with others when some days on I'm my tod all day.

Below is my chair, a Christmas present from Jon a few years back, and it's loaded up with hand made textiles, a cushion pad by me, just colour and shapes, a crochet blanket from my aunty, I wish I could learn how to do that, and a tapestry cushion by my mum of a Hoo Poo, it makes me giggle! 

Happy Chinese New Year! It's been a very long time since I've posted on here, solely because I've been flat out. I had thought that January would be a quiet time of year but I didn't understand how the restaurants work, if anything this is a really busy time for them as they re-organise themselves and plan for the year ahead. Needless to say this involves planning new dishes and new ceramics to match. I've missed this though, it started as a visual diary for me.

Whilst I've been busy making lots of people have been busy photographing their food with our products, there's been some real stunners, I love the two above, the first by Stefan Johnson who visited us just before Christmas and the chocolate dish by Marcus Bean. It's great talking to the photographers and chefs and finding out what they are after, they work so hard to get the presentation of the food right.

And with all of that I've continued to explore new surfaces and new glazes. I looked on the gallery page here and quite a lot has changed, it's been gradual but with the gap of posts from me, it does look quite different. The light pink above and below is one of my latest glazes and I really love how subtle it is, food looks great on this glaze too. It's early days to get an order from a chef for this glaze but I'm sure as more see it, it will happen.

Above is the first dinner service set completed this year, a real mixture of glazes but all within the blue/green colour palette, it worked really well together.

Early February, awful weather, far too wet outside, no reason to take time off and chill so working through the orders as they come in. Throwing some new shapes, some really large shapes and enjoying working closely with the chefs and customers. The next thing we really need to sort is our website. Its proved pretty impossible to keep it 'stocked' with the range we do. We tried keeping it stocked with a limited range but when the orders come in people (rightly) assume we'll post out asap, rather than add to making list. We'll sort it, just need a bit of help!