Spent the morning packing boxes and this afternoon photographing stock, added several new pieces to the web site shop and have a few more to add - I'm trying to make sure the pieces I photograph and  load up are the pieces that people will be buying - a little more labour intensive but with hand made products there are always slight differences so trying to keep it as honest as possible.

Yet to add the plates above but I will be soon and they are as a set of three, same size and shape but in three different glazes, they work well together.

Below is a set of six tapas bowls, again matching in many ways but each with a little bit of character.

And now I'm off to check the kilns, make lists and plan throwing and glazing days. 

To give some idea of how intensive glazing can be in the image above 9 different glazes had to be mixed along with four oxides, each mix requires checking thickness and putting through a sieve, on top of that three different kiln temperature firings are needed, it all takes time but I love the mix of colours x