I met a lovely couple at Christmas whilst showing at the NEC BBC Good Food Show last Christmas and then again in the summer, when they booked to visit us here at Sytch Farm.

Together they had some really clear ideas on a dinner service set that they wanted to order.

They knew what sizes they wanted and the colours they wanted and were prepared to wait for me to make and glaze to fit their brief. 

Different glazes fire at different temperatures and hence it can take some time to complete a mixed set as I make and store enough stock of one glaze colour before filling and setting the kiln off.

That combined with the issues with a new kiln brought means they have been patiently waiting since the start of July, even though the work was thrown within ten days of their first visit.

Well now I'm pretty much there and excited to show them!

They ordered dessert plates which are slightly smaller than main plates, which they also ordered, breakfast bowls and salad bowls and a few large serving pieces. 

Thats the beauty of ordering your own set, you have control on some of the decisions. Having put this order through the kilns in the last two weeks I am a little in love with it myself, I adore how the orange and green work together, picked out with a few pieces of light blue.

And now? Kilns are firing with stock for Taste of London and BBC Good Food Show Winter, trying to get together sets of colours together, trying to second guess what colours everyone would like to see!