Finally got a web site sorted!

Go have a look here

Full credit for this goes to Jon and Alan, the I.T whizz, all I've done towards it is take the photos and been really demanding about what I wanted and didn't want but now, I am one happy girl!

If you've followed my story from the start you'll know this has been one long journey and whist I haven't posted on here for ages I do promise to get back on the case. This place is almost like my makers diary.

Lots has changed in the last year, new kiln, new glazes and new shapes and we have got organised on a pricing structure. I stopped teaching totally last July so have now had a year full time potting and can honestly say I love it! The days are longer, the holidays are less but the rewards are fantastic and we have meet so many great people including a whole bunch of great local producers and obviously chefs. My cooking has improved, I think talking and watching so many chefs it has kinda slipped in.

This week coming is time to prepare for the shows. I have said all year that October was booked for making for the Christmas Shows, so long days of throwing and turning are on the horizon. Any book recommendations out there? My favourite all year has been a book called 'A man called Ove' by Fredrik Backman, made me laugh and cry on the same page! Well, whilst I was being read to by my Kindle anyway. 

Now to those great suppliers, if your local to Shrewsbury you may know them but some I didn't and have lived here for nearly twenty years!

First off my friend Sarah Crow is breeding the most amazing favoured lamb, happens to be called Shropshire Lamb but that is the breed, not because they were born in this county, go find her on Instagram as @shropshirelamb  - her lambs are born and reared less then half a mile from here. Just around the corner from her is the home of La Triestina @la_triestina Family business importing amazing products from the dad's home region in Italy, for some of these products they are the sole importers. I am addicted to the chocolates, the balsamic and love the proseco, they'll be showing at the fab Brompton Cookery School for a Christmas Market they have already planned along with other great suppliers, more on that later! And this one really is for the locals - Bake to Bread, 5 Wellstone, Shrewsbury. Dom the baker with his new shop, he's been open just over six months and is baking beautiful bread, pastries and cakes in store, the aroma is incredible when you walk in - @ShrewsburyBread on Twitter and @bakehouse2.0 on Instagram.

Details of Christmas shows and links to follow.