I've been playing with glazes, again, and above are two little dishes I'm in love with at the moment, I let two glazes blend into to each other. I've tried this before but the difference this time was keeping both of them really thin and man! I'm keeping these two, they look like abstract paintings!

I finally got to meet the lovely Sandrine who visited us this week. We spent an afternoon and morning together setting up shoots and layouts, she worked fast and instinctively, reacting to light, props and opportunities as they arose, some beautiful images came out of it and I can't wait to see her final pictures. The picture above is one of her's., below are snaps I took whilst she was working.

And there's more images to come. Her photography will hopefully really lift the appearance of our website and give people an idea about how the products can be used and appear, it's like the last missing link really.

And I'm starting to understand how the website needs to work, we can't put every product on there in every glaze as it's simply to much. I think we're going to look at working with more of a limited range for the buy now shop and encourage people to order bespoke so they can have exactly what they want. 

That why everything is available, just on a time scale which will depend on the time of year or orders waiting. 

Writing this waiting for some dinner guests to arrive and looking forward to a relaxing evening, first test run of the pizza oven! Not pizza though, shoulder of lamb on a grill rack Jon welded together today, I'll add photo's later.