That's it! Schools out for summer and hopefully forever for me, got my card, flowers and nice words today. From here it's 100% pottery work. How mad is that! 

To start the ball rolling I've been testing new glazes. Lots of people asking for pinks and purples so trying one out, also a glossy blue which breaks into a light mauve colour.  A few more tests before we'll make decisions. 

 It's great to be able to work outside right now, to be able to enjoy the days weather. I find myself starting a little later in the day after a bit of gardening, and finishing later too as the warmth of the day hangs around. 

Finishing off a few big orders right now, waiting on the 'go' on another one and over excited to be asked for products for a photo shoot for the next River Cottage cook book. :) #happydays