I've sort of had a day off today, in that I didn't do any throwing! 

I did however do a whole load of glazing, enough for the next two kiln loads as I have a load of little jug examples to sort and a load of breakfast bowls. I'm also testing two new glazes. This is always a bit difficult as it's the thickness of the glaze that matters and this does differ glaze to glaze and on vertical or horizontal surfaces.

I spent some time today playing with photographs, trying to get a few images to add to the web site. There's new products to add and I just need to get better at this as I'm relying on other people's photo's a lot, not good!

I like the little jugs above, the blue glaze came out a little darker than expected but the overall finish is good, I do pot bellied ones too, hopefully more photo's to follow.

Here's a few more, comparisons of glazes and below, shapes, sizes and textures. 

With everything, this is showing me more practise needed! I've left the light tent up so I can practise more regularly. I'll make it my aim to photo every time I empty the glaze kiln, that should help and get me photographing two to three times a week.

Glaze kiln firing samples now for a restaurant I'm really looking forward to visiting!