I'm getting loads of things finished and ready and teaching myself a few things aswell. I've never really focused before on developing new shapes but having to make jugs and cups has changed all of that, I've tried a few different shapes but for jugs I like the pot belly shapes seen here.  Not too bad to throw but difficult to turn, like everything it's practise, more practise needed! 

Plates prove that, I hadn't thrown a plate for years but taught myself over Xmas and now I'm really pleased with them.

Same goes for cups and saucers, the kiln is firing now with lots of cups, need to sort out what sizes work but I've sorted the shapes.

And here is a close up from a plate of our logo, this is to show chefs how their brand could look on the front of a plate if they want it, lots of tests happened before I got it right but I love this! 

And now we're in a position where the hobby has become the day job! Happy days!