Meet Bob, he's a Brahma chicken, we actually think he might be a proper boy but it's too early to tell, more about Bob later.

I've had a busy few days throwing the last of the order for Tom, sore back and sore fingers but all done, after turning the last pot I had a really good clean out, including the wheel, it hasn't looked this clean for a long time! I'm practically out of throwing clay too so need to get an order in.

I've been using one of the tables from the stand to cope with the amount of work. Hoping to get loads of biscuit firings completed to move it out and get some space back!

I did have a little time off on Saturday morning to go and collect an few early birthday presses. It's become a bit of a tradition to have new chickens as a present, it started with 3 birds who we named after the people who gave them to us, Mandy and Barry, and for no good reason, Jeff. That was a few years ago and unfortunately they are no longer with us. Last year I got given Hattie and Milly, buff Orpington's and this year a real treat, we collected five Brahmas.

Brahams are the biggest chickens you can get, they will grow up to two foot tall! The little one below is small just because she's the youngest, I couldn't resist her for her colour and markings. I've called her Marilyn.

This pretty lady is Hilda.

And at the back of the pack in grey is The Professor, Jon's bird! 

They are settling in well, like sweet corn and are defending themselves against bossy little Mrs Jones who thinks she rules!