Happy Days! The National trust are going to stock my range of products, from Food Boards and Bowls, to heart wreaths, bud vases and my bird boxes, as you can imagine I am over the moon!

All the products have to be registered which is basically where they get their bar code sorted, all my details have to be logged and when everything is offically registered then they will be placing an order, intially for 3 shops.

 I think it's going to be a busy time coming up as this will not happen over nite but take at least 6 weeks, in which time space we have the Shrewsbury Food and Drink show, the show at 'The Little Gallery" and Carfest to prepare for.
National Trust logo
I have got a lot of some stock and very little of others so need to make with this in mind but really pleased to get in with such a massive organisation and the feedback was great!