So we finally made it to Chester and set up camp on the racecourse, what a fab site! This is our accommodation for the trip, had to bring car and van as couldn't set up straight away and couldn't fit me, Jon and stock in all together. This lovely little van has been all over Europe with us but first outing this year.

We were really lucky to have a couple of sets of friends with us, biggest and best paella ever was cooked up on the first night which was a little chilly, but after that the weather was hot! till a massive down pour on Sunday afternoon.

Loads of food stalls, massive show, fab pizza from the van above for lunch on Saturday and below our stall. Lots of sales and lovely comments from people and possibly some future opportunities as well.

Jon's boards sold particularly well as did the hearts, first real outing for them and lots sold so need to get busy in the pottery. 

That will happen after a day of sorting and resting here at home. After an interesting chat with a chef I thought I'd try 'bread bowls' - first batch cooked today and they worked really well.

Nice round bread rolls for lunch and then a little recovery siesta I think, one month till Chatsworth!