Thanks to Jon my kiln is fixed and had its first firing for a month, now I have a load of hearts ready for colour and Chester and sales through friends. I also have 75 small bowls ready for glazing for the food boards, need to do a bit of glaze testing first though to check colour and surface etc. 

I worked tonight in a really warm pottery thanks to the kiln cooling down and the fire heating up which was good  for  two small very wet doggies. I know we are far luckier than some but I forget that  when the only walk they can have its through fields swimming in mud. No option tonight to even take them in the car to somewhere dryer as the lanes are flooding as well and some roads are closed.

Stroll on summer, I promise not to complain about dust from a dry dirt track!

And here's one I made earlier, lace surface with a deep layer of decoration. Less wreaths, more bowls ready for Chester.