These are examples of the photos I want to send but can't print or forward as all e mail addresses don't seem to work, Country Living, please help! The bowls rest in holes cut into the boards so really safe for carrying around, sturdy to eat from. The bowls can match or be different glaze surfaces, or even different sizes, it's really up to individuals taste.

Food Board for one.

Large Food Board for two bowls.

Walnut Food Board, large.

Examples of different sizes of Boards and Bowls. You can see here the different woods aswell. The walnut is the darkest.

Heart Wreaths, these are selling like hot cakes on the build up to Valentines, I think it's mostly women who buy them. Jon says he wouldn't purchase one for me but would be interested in the new owl pieces.

Large wreath with leaf buttons as detail.

And in a previous post you can see some images of owls, yet to be finished. Fingers crossed.