Slowly getting organised.

After a flurry of sales I am getting organised. I've been making a series of garlands which are slowly drying out ready for adding colour. Drying work out is difficult at this time of year so I'm lighting the wood burner as often as I can. The garlands come in three different sizes and are a mixture of leaves, flowers, stars and a few birds aswell. Some look festive and others can be up all year round. I'm going to make several to sell as we move towards Valentines Day aswell and I think they'll be great Mothering Sundays presents.

Below is a really large one with a mixture of leaves, berries and a few birds.

I'm overly keen to get these dried out and fired as I need to test colours and glazes to see what looks best and works well. I have lost several as I didn't realise how difficult they woulb be to move around. Lesson learnt! Small details on the edges are too fragile.

And still selling pots. Taking orders from friends, it seems my two favourite glazes are popular with everyone else aswell.

And as always proceedings are closely followed by my beautiful Betty.