Orders finishing - these jugs are a lot larger than they look but without the ammonite stamps is difficult to get a sense of scale, they would take 2 litres roughly. Jugs have been developing in shape for the last year but after receiving an order for these large pieces I took a bit of time to really throw a shape I was happy with. 

Difficult to photograph properly to show the proportions but a wider base coming up to quite an elegant shape. The handle shape has changed too, with a bigger jug you need to make sure the handle can take the weight but that its comfortable too, easy to pour. 

So these have a home to go too, but I have a few more ready for Taste of London, and maybe for BBC Good Food Show. I'll keep throwing these as I do really like them and I love this colour way.

Here's something a little different for me, no ammonite detail which is not always wanted and a much flatter plate. The gloss glaze makes the edge look like its standing up higher than it actually is. The colour is a very light grey with a hint of blue to it and very fine speckles. I'm learning how to adjust glazes slowly. The edge photo shows how fine the edge is but still very solid pieces.

And a very fine foot ring. This piece has been glazed with colour on the front and transparent glaze on the back, just enough to see how its made whilst protecting the surface. 

This is the challenge of working with chef's, throwing to their idea's of the perfect shape, colour, size, for their food and style of service. Certainly keep's me learning!