Earlier this year I completed a large order for a new restaurant in Baker Street, London.

Head Chef Hus Vedat describes the cuisine best:

 "For Yosma, I will be exploring influences and flavours from my heritage. I want to showcase the depth, character and history of Anatolian food and drink (while having fun) and sharing the fascinating stories behind one of the world's most prominent foods" 

Hus got in touch with us this time last year and brought himself and one of the restaurant owners to meet us at Taste of London where we chatted and he give me the measurements and ideas behind ceramic pieces he wanted. 

After sorting samples and agreeing glazes, I threw the pieces through May. Given the large size of the order Jon drove it down to the premises about a fortnight before it opened. The image below is from their own website Yosma

Hopefully this year we will get to visit - in the mean time I've added a set of similar serving dishes to the on-line shop 

This was a new shape for me to throw and took a bit of practise to learn. The pieces shown are 21cm diameter and I've since thrown it in a wide range of different sizes. Having used a few pieces here ourselves, I know it's a great shape for all sorts of dishes. I like tart and custard best!

As with everything I make they are dishwasher safe, glazed inside and out. 

Sunday evening - I was supposed to have today off! Well, I guess it's a reflection of the time of year,  10 weeks till Christmas! I'll be throwing, glazing and turning this week with a trip out on Wednesday to a nice little place, kinda excited x