Happy Christmas and New Year everyone!

I hope its been a good year for all of you - it's been really good fun, we've meet some great people and have been supported by loads more!

I especially want to thank our friends Pye and Trish - major background support, my mate Mel, both our families and my sister Jane Lane who keeps our book keeping on track, Sarah aka @shropshirelamb for the coffee stops and lunch trips, Marcus and Jenny Bean from Brompton for so many reasons, and all our great bespoke customers who become part of the design process - and Lauren from Indigo Orange Studios who took all these beautiful images.

There's so many local and national businesses too which we feel really lucky to have meet, I'm not going to list them just in case I miss one out! 

I'm sick right now, bad cold, but excited to get back to it in the New Year!

Hope its a good year for you all with lots of good health and happiness x