Jon has been making these boards for a great place called The Riverside Inn , worth the trip to for lunch or dinner. They are made from Pippy Oak so have these beautiful markings in the wood. These have been made to order and are intended to be the tray for small glasses of real ale, an ale tasting tray.

These ceramic pieces are a mixture of samples and ordered pieces. The flat pink plate came with us as we visited another restaurant this week, they want plates that are super flat, real low raise edges. I made several so will have a few to sell as the Christmas shows start. 

And the black edged bowls are samples for another customer, I'm not sure if he will like them as he asked for the edges to be black and the sides bare. I tried that but the black rim left stains where I tried to clean it off. I do love the pink and green together though but I'm finding the green glaze difficult at the moment, the joys of ceramics! 

Autumn is coming - I'm still living in my shorts and flip flops even if my feet are freezing! Hanging on in there but the changing signs are everywhere. This tree - I have no idea of it's name - was given to us two years ago as a stick about a metre high, this summer it has really grown and I love to see how the leaf colours are changing, with this tree in particular the colour changes from bottom to top!