More photo's here from the lovely Sandrine, I'm loving these, they give a real feel of how it is round here most of the time although it's rare I ever decorate a table quite so well!

I've slowly started adding some of them to the website and have settled to the fact that the website is always going to need work, as the work is always developing.

This week I've hard a few hours to play with my jugs! I've been exploring a shape which is more like a decanter and have a few samples I'm happy with, as always, I'll add photo's when finished.

Whilst she was here Sandrine also did a series of shots in the house which was kind of her. Really interesting to see my house through some else's eye's.

And Bill was around to oversee all proceedings, he's around mornings and evenings and has enjoyed raspberries whilst they have been in season.

And now? Well September is a busy month with orders and shows coming up. I'm pleased with how the work is progressing though and the contacts we're making. Lots of visitors to the studio and I'm getting sorted on what is 'stock' and what's commission only. That's going to help manage the space we have available to store work. 

This morning I ran with my friend who helped me do photo's last summer, some of the first we tried to take and I honestly thought that was two years ago - I remember thinking at the time it would be good if I could get a photographer to photo the products here at Sytch Farm and a year later Sandrine arrived! I know there's more photo's to come and I can't wait.