I've been busy making this week but also doing more photography, I'm hoping to build up my skills in this area to get the website looking a bit better. I'm planning to do the individual shots this week and clarify the glaze finishes too, up to now I've been playing really - have a look!

Cross section with lots of different shapes and glazes, I like the comparision of the glazed surfaces and myself I have a real miss - match of glazes in my pottery larder.

From large ceramic trays to individual sauce pots and they come in different shapes, over time we'll see which shapes and glazes are most popular.

I've put together condiment sets before but I like the idea of using the tray so whilst all your dips are invessels your bread sticks or crackers, carrot sticks etc can sit losely in the tray, wrapping around the dishes, that could look really effective, I'll try that out myself!

Set of three milk jugs, again playing with shapes but I do love this blue glaze.
And as I already said I like the contrasts, as evident below.

Whilst some people like sets!

Like I said, been busy throwing this week!