Country Living General Store is now stocking my products!  I've been teaching all week and making in the evening and after that getting work loaded up or ready to go. These are the first products up loaded and just emptied a kiln full of them ready, will prep them ready later. 

Here's a set of Christmas decorations, each one is hand made and hand decorated and because of these processes each one is unique. They're made from high fired stoneware clay and as a result will be a keep sake forever. I've used some before now as little gift tags too. You can buy a set for £10.00 from the store plus postage, mum, there's a set on it's way to you right now xxx

Below is a set before the red ribbon is added and they are packed in little bags.

This is what they look like before they go into the kiln for the second firing. The surfaces are treated with a secret recipe mixture of oxides. This brings out all the layers of texture and detail and enhance the look of depth in the pieces. They are delicate when they are being made and when drying but once they have had their first 'biscuit' firing they are much stronger. The final firing takes them up to 1260 degrees and gives them their 'stoneware' qualities. I've had some pieces of work I've made sitting outside for years, my mum's got a right mixture of bit's dotted around her garden so it goes to show how strong they are without being heavy.

Here's one of the larger one's ready for firing. These are all Christmas related and I've had some cute tags made to go with them but I'm hoping later today to get some good photo's of the floral pieces I make and up load those onto Country Living's General Store.

I've got a place booked in the Art cabinets at Shrewsbury Art Gallery and Museum for January to early February and already have designs for a range of 'Valentine' gifts with tags saying 'Be mine Valentine' which should hopefully go well and then it's on to Mother's Day. 

I'm also planning a range of  baby presents and need to get making the horse shoes again!

Here's a set of 'Cornishware' bowls fresh out the same kiln. These are already sold which is a nice feeling but I'm running out of space! Off now to pack, fire, move stuff, make and throw, lots to do in the next few days, all good!