I've had a good tidy and clean of the pottery today whilst Jon's been busy finishing his garden house. I've finished getting ready a new little gift line, two mini hearts in a pillow box and once we are all done it's time to test the fire out! All of this carefully watched by Bill.

This is the cleanest it's been for months and months, chance to clear out loads of stuff and make better use of the space. Then I made eight owls ready for biscuit firing.

 These little hearts come wrapped in tissue in a pillow box, great wedding gifts, favours or love tokens. Planning to do little Christmas stars in this way too.

Jon has been finishing this garden house/folly with a window that looks a little rustic to say the least, the floor needs finishing properly now the building really is done. The fireplace kicks out loads of heat, brilliant today on this breezy weather. 

And Bill is getting strong, flying well building up his skills, his choice to stay or go is nearly with us but it's been amazing to help him grow up.