What a day!

Finally got all the boards ready for photo shoot to enter a competition in my favourite magazine Country Living, deadline for entry is Monday, so got all day to get application in the post, no problem, take photo's of the boards with different foods on, photo's of the different sizes and shapes of boards and bowls and then the heart wreaths. 

All going well, looking good, and then go to print, no ink! Ok, head out to buy more, floods, you wouldn't believe it. Tried to get a set of photos sent direct to them through Photobox but can't download images as internet on laptop doesn't work, I can only pray that they get the images via a message I sent to the editor, maybe I'll be lucky and they will look here?  If any one is looking, the bowls sit in the holes on the boards making them really stable, The idea is to sell the bowls and boards together as a unit. these photo's don't really do justice, got some great photo's but can't up load using an iPad.

I was really hoping to get in with the Food Boards and the wreaths but the weather has really not helped. 

When I get to use a computer that has the internet and can take a memory stick I'll show you the photo's I was hoping to send in :((