All coming together now, this weekend I got my first load of wreaths wrapped and boxed and ready to sell. Jon finished his first set of food boards and came up with some lovely shapes. I particulary like the walnut wood, it sems quite soft in its colour.

We have twelve weeks until our first show of the year at Chester so final plans are being put in place. I've created a Facebook page, hunt for Sytch Farm Studio and you should find us. I've also been collecting and uploading images onto Pinterest, if you haven't discovered that then again go have a look. I've been using that resource within my lessons at school too. And now we need fresh business cards which will happen once the web site address is confirmed.

The kiln needs fixing, clay needs collecting and we need to figure out display ideas, 12 weeks! I'm sure we can do it, Feburary half term will definatley be a working holiday however.

I've ordered letters to help me personlise the wreaths and got lots of ideas for new designs, but one step at a time, need to get the kiln fixed first.